Are Nerf Guns Banned in Australia?

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The legality of Nerf guns in Australia is a complicated issue. Traditional or simple toy guns are not banned in Australia, but there are restrictions on gel blasters. These blasters are certain type that shoot gel balls or pellets.

In 2021, South Australia updated its Firearms law 2017, in which it is mentioned that all gel blasters must be registered with the state’s police. However, it was later found that many traditional Nerf blasters could fire these gel pellets without being modified, so it is unclear whether these models of Nerf guns also need to be registered or not.

To sum up, if you own a gel blaster and live in Southern part of Australia, you will need to register it, similar to a real firearm. Failure to do so could land you in serious trouble.

If you own a Nerf gun or planning to buy one, contact your local police station to determine what steps you need to comply with to use it without being caught.

Nerf guns made their debut in Australia in the early 2000s, quickly gaining popularity as a staple in children’s playrooms. The foam based weaponry appealed to parents for its safety features and to kids for its exciting, imaginative play possibilities.

Regulations on Toy Guns in Australia

Australia, like many countries, imposes strict regulations on toy guns to ensure the safety of children. However, Nerf blasters have managed to navigate these regulations successfully due to their non lethal design.

The regulations mainly focus on aspects like size, color, and the absence of realistic features that could be mistaken for actual firearms.

Realistic Nerf Guns Australia

When you read or hear this term, it means gel blasters, that are becoming increasingly popular, and police are growing concerned about their use in Queensland and some other parts of Australia. These realistic toy guns resemble actual firearms and can cause confusion or alarm when used in public places.

Incidents Leading to Controversy

Despite the safety measures in place, incidents involving Nerf guns have sparked controversy. Accidents, have led to a reevaluation of the safety of these toys, prompting a closer look at existing regulations.

Government’s Response

In response to the incidents, the Australian government has undertaken a comprehensive review of toy gun regulations. This includes exploring stricter guidelines, potential recalls, and increased public awareness campaigns about the safe use of Nerf weapons.

Public Opinion and Debate

Public opinion on the matter is divided. While some argue for a complete ban on Nerf pistols, citing safety concerns, others advocate for better education on proper usage and the importance of parental supervision during play.

Comparisons with Other Countries

Australia’s stance on Nerf guns is not unique. Several countries have faced similar debates, with varying outcomes. Understanding these global perspectives is crucial in assessing the appropriateness of a potential ban.

Impact on Nerf Enthusiasts

The potential ban or increased regulations pose challenges for the vibrant Nerf community. From organized events to casual backyard battles, enthusiasts are grappling with the uncertainty surrounding the future of their beloved hobby.

Legal Implications

For those who flout the regulations, legal consequences may follow. This includes potential fines and confiscation of the toys. Understanding the legal implications is crucial for parents and enthusiasts alike.

Alternative Products

In response to the controversy, toy manufacturers are exploring alternative products that provide a similar play experience without the perceived safety risks. These innovations aim to offer parents and children peace of mind without sacrificing the joy of imaginative play.

Where can i Buy Realistic Nerf Guns in Australia?

You can buy them from various sources, including online platforms and local marketplaces. Some options include:

  1. Etsy Australia: Etsy offers a selection of Nerf blasters, with some sellers focusing on unique or custom, handmade pieces.
  2. Amazon Australia: Amazon provides a variety of toy foam blasters and guns, including accessories, scopes and multiple magazines.
  3. Used Blasters: One of the best option is to buy used toys from people that are looking to buy new ones or otherwise thinking of disposing them. The advantage is you can buy them at much cheaper rates.
  4. Local Marketplaces: Platforms like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and other local shops.
  5. Specialized Stores: Websites like and are recommended for purchasing US blasters like Rival or Dartzone.


The debate over whether Nerf guns should be banned in Australia is a complex issue with valid points on both sides. Balancing the joy of play with safety concerns requires careful consideration and collaboration between policymakers, parents, and enthusiasts.

The outcome will undoubtedly shape the future of toy regulations and the way we approach recreational activities involving simulated weaponry.

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