Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 Review [Tested]

As a Nerf player, I had the pleasure of unboxing and field-testing the incredible Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 from the rival nerf series. In this comprehensive review, I’ll take you through my journey with this high-powered foam blaster, from the initial unboxing to checking its performance with attachments.


The blaster came securely packed in a vibrant Nerf-branded box. After unwrapping i saw the blaster, a 50-round hopper, a rechargeable battery pack, a charger, and some high-impact foam rounds. The unboxing experience was impressive and set high expectations for what lay ahead.

Getting Started: Assembly

Setting up the Perses MXIX-5000 was a breeze. The blaster comes almost fully assembled, with just a few steps to get it battle-ready. I simply had to attach the hopper, insert the rechargeable battery, and load the foam rounds.

The clear and concise instructions in the manual made the process effortless, ensuring I was out on the battlefield in no time.

Rival Perses Features

Having extensively tested the Nerf Rival Perses, I’ve uncovered an array of impressive features that set this foam blaster apart from the rest. Here are the key attributes that stood out during my experience:

Unparalleled Speed

The Perses is all about speed. It propels foam rounds at an incredible velocity of 100 feet per second. This lightning-fast rate of fire ensures that your opponents have little chance to react, giving you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

High Impact Foam Rounds

The blaster comes with high-impact foam rounds designed for precision and accuracy. These rounds are engineered to fly straight and hit the mark consistently, making every shot count.

Acceleration Button

The main purpose of the acceleration button is to activate the blaster’s motorized system. the button serves as the ignition for the Perses motorized system, which helps to rapidly fire foam rounds with accuracy and speed.

When the button is pressed, it triggers the motorized system, which starts spinning the flywheels. The acceleration button is placed in easy reach of the user, located near the trigger of the blaster.

Quick Reload

The hopper system in the Perses MXIX-5000 is a dream for those who despise downtime during battles. Reloading is quick and straightforward, allowing me to stay in the action without missing a beat. The ability to reload on the fly is a major advantage when facing off against opponents with slower blasters.

Massive Hopper Capacity

Equipped with a 50-round hopper, the Perses MXIX-5000 minimizes the need for frequent reloads. This large capacity allows for extended gameplay without interruptions. You can engage in prolonged battles without the hassle of constantly replenishing your ammo.

Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000

User-Friendly Design

The Nerf Perses MXIX-5000’s design is not just about aesthetics; it’s optimized for practical use. The ergonomic grip and adjustable shoulder stock ensure comfort during extended battles. The blaster’s intuitive layout makes it easy for both beginners and experienced players to operate effectively.

Motorized Operation

This blaster features a motorized system, which means no manual priming is required. With the push of a button, the Perses is ready to fire, reducing downtime and allowing you to stay in the action. The convenience of the motorized operation is a major advantage during intense battles.

Tactical Customization

Customization is a strong suit of the Perses blaster. It offers a range of tactical rails and accessory attachment points, allowing users to personalize their blaster. Whether you want to add scopes, grips, or other accessories, this blaster provides the flexibility to tailor it to your playing style.

Precision and Accuracy

Its pinpoint accuracy further enhances the gameplay, ensuring that shots hit the mark consistently.

Adjustable Sights

The blaster has an adjustable sights. These sights can be fine-tuned to ensure your shots hit the mark consistently. Whether you’re engaging in target practice or competitive play, this feature enhances your accuracy.

Safety Features

Nerf places a strong emphasis on safety, and this nerf gun incorporates several safety features. These include a trigger lock and a priming indicator, ensuring that you can enjoy spirited battles without compromising safety.

The blaster is not dangerous, even kids can play with it, but under the supervision of parents.

Durable Construction

Built to withstand the rigors of intense Nerf battles, the blaster features a robust and durable construction. It can handle the bumps, falls, and collisions that are part and parcel of foam warfare.

Pros and Cons

Certainly, here are the pros and cons of the Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 presented in a table format:

Unparalleled speedPremium price tag
High-impact foam roundsConsiderable weight
Massive hopper capacity
User-friendly design
Motorized operation
Tactical customization
Adjustable sights
Safety features
Durable construction

Final Thoughts

The Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is a true game changer in the world of nerf blasters. Its speed, precision, and customization options make it a top choice. The quick reload system ensures you’re always ready for action, and safety features provide peace of mind during intense battles.

While the price is a little high for some, the overall performance and experience the Perses MXIX-5000 delivers are well worth it for dedicated Nerf players.

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